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Name: Erin Stern

Hometown: Miami

Current residence: Tampa, Florida

Birth date: February 5, 1980

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 135

Instagram: @erinstern5

Facebook: @FitErin

YouTube: erinstern5

Competitive status/division: IFBB elite pro Body FitnessOxygen: What message do you hope this movement will convey?

Oxygen: What message do you hope this movement will convey?

ES: We were all put here with a certain look and with certain genetics. It’s time to embrace this. We can love the way we look year-round, and this self-love is powerful. 

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Oxygen: How important as a female athlete is it to have a supportive tribe?

ES: A support system is key, especially in a world filled with airbrushed photos, filters and FOMO. Friends can help us see through the BS, boost us when we’re down and celebrate our accomplishments. It’s also fun seeing that we all have quirks and insecurities, in spite of what we see on TV or on social media.

Oxygen: Have you ever encountered any roadblocks during your career related to gender?

ES: We have a tough time making the same kind of money that male competitors make. Prize money for males, especially for larger shows, can be as much as 10 times what the ladies make! But you figure out another way and keep pushing forward. My solution was to create more opportunities out of competing — camps, shoots and seminars are especially effective ways to bring in additional income. 

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