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Name: Brooke Erickson

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

Current residence: Boise, Idaho

Birth date: March 29, 1979

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 116-118

Instagram: @brookeericksonfitness

Facebook: @BrookeEricksonbeFIT

Website: brookeericksonfitness.com

Competitive status/division: IFBB Figure pro

Oxygen: What message do you hope this Women Strong movement will convey?

Brooke Erickson: For years, women have tried to squeeze themselves into a mold that someone, somewhere, created. From curvaceous hips to toned arms and rock-hard abs, there is an unspoken ideal “look” in the female culture that has created the matrix of fad diets, tiny-waist trainers and skin-firming body creams. Women all over the world have tried to overexercise and undernourish their way into this mold, only to deny themselves the imperfect beauty of their own reflection and unbeatable strength that lies within. 

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Oxygen: Have you ever encountered any road blocks during your career related to gender?

BE: My biggest roadblock has been my unwillingness to overexpose my body or use it in a sexual way. As a female athlete, there have been several times when I found myself at a crossroads with one path leading to more opportunity, notoriety and higher placings at the expense of sexualizing my body, and the other path staying true to the core of who I am at the expense of more opportunity, notoriety and higher placings. I don’t feel this same kind of sexual expectation is placed on the male athletes. 

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