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Women Strong 2019 athlete Taylor Gallagher

Taylor Gallagher

Meet Taylor

Taylor Gallagher is an NASM-certified health and fitness coach with 14 years of experience. She specializes in functional training, injury recovery and overall wellness. Gallagher is an IFBB pro athlete and medical diagnostic sonographer. She strives to help individuals who are recovering from injury and physical limitations, and she uses fun and creative ways to instill the importance of healthy living in adolescents. Gallagher also helps people of all ages reach their full potential through physical fitness, nutrition and mental strength.

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What It Means to Be a Strong Woman

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Taylor’s Favorite Supplements

Dymatize All9 Amino (juicy watermelon). Take one scoop postworkout to replenish and recover. “My workouts involve high levels of cardio, and living in the Florida heat, I sweat a lot!” she says. “All9 Amino is great for recovery and building lean muscle.”

Dymatize ISO100 (chocolate peanut butter). Take one scoop in the morning before work or training. “My mornings are early and time is limited, so I like to start my day with a shake using ISO100 to get in 25 easy grams of protein,” she says. “It’s a great way to get my metabolism going and gives me the energy I need to start my day.”

Taylor’s Core Workout

Taylor’s Power Oats Recipe

“I love this breakfast (or late night) recipe because it’s quick and easy and fits my busy morning schedule. It’s a great source of protein and carbs and it really gets your metabolism cranking. It’s super filling, low calorie and great start to any morning or finish to any late night.”

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