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Women Strong 2019 athlete Nathalia Melo

Nathalia Melo

Meet Nathalia

As a former IFBB Bikini competitor, Olympia champion and mom of two small children younger than 3, Nathalia Melo has experienced all the extremes in fitness, from spending three or more hours in the gym to not even having 30 minutes to exercise. The NFPT-certified trainer developed a forum — the Mother Strong League — to help moms feel strong and confident and find a happy balance through fitness, nutrition and family life. Melo is also a prenatal and postnatal certified trainer, and she lives in Texas with her husband and kids.

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What It Means to Be a Strong Woman

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Nathalia’s Favorite Supplements

Dymatize PreW.O. (cherry watermelon). She takes this preworkout. “I also use it if I had a rough night with the kids!” she admits.

Dymatize ISO100 (chocolate peanut butter). She takes this at any time. “Shakes are great when time is limited and I can’t get in a proper meal, or when I feel like I am falling short on my protein intake for the day,” she says.

Dymatize AmpliFire. “When I have a special event, I start taking AmpliFire a few weeks out to give me an extra push,” she says. “I’ve noticed it makes me feel a bit less hungry, too.”

Nathalia’s Shoulder Workout

Nathalia’s Nuts About You Protein Balls Recipe


2 Scoops ISO 100 Vanilla

2 cups old fashioned oats

1 cup peanut butter or almond butter

1/2 cup honey

2 tbsp dark chocolate chips


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. At first it might look a bit too thick, but just keep mixing it. You can use your hands to mix it all up, if it is easier for you.

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