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Women Strong 2019 athlete Charlotte Oldbury

Charlotte Oldbury

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Oldbury began living the fit life as a teenager when she and her younger sister grapevined along to Buns of Steel on VHS — and never looked back. At age 40, she was introduced to the competitive world of bodybuilding and has since competed in more than a dozen NPC bikini competitions. The ACSM-certified trainer works with clients online and in person, and she is driven to help people change their lives and improve their health. When not training herself or clients, she seeks out adventure with her husband — and high-school sweetheart! — of 25 years, doing things like skydiving, zip lining, hiking, paddleboarding, snorkeling and cruising as often as possible.

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What It Means to Be a Strong Woman

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Charlotte’s Favorite Supplements

Dymatize ISO100 (cinnamon bun). She takes this first thing in the morning. “I add a scoop to liquid egg whites for a delicious dose of protein,” she says. “It’s a great way to get quality nutrition into my muscles right away.”

Dymatize Amino Pro/Amino Pro With Energy (strawberry kiwi and lemon-lime). She takes these during workouts to boost energy and promote recovery. “The [Amino Pro With] Energy is used for morning sessions, and the regular is great for evenings,” she says. “Also, when I am under the weather, the regular Amino Pro gives me a ton of electrolytes and helps me through whatever is ailing me without losing my progress.”

Dymatize ISO100 Clear. She takes this any time during busy days. “This is my on-the-go solution to keep my protein intake where it needs to be,” she says. “Some days I can’t sit down to a plate of food, so this little bottle with 40 grams of protein keeps me on track.”

Charlotte’s Arms Workout

Charlotte’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Recipe

Charlotte's Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

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