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They say that variety is the spice of life — and when it comes to workouts, that saying rings very true. Your body simply cannot change by doing the same thing over and over.

Sometimes people will come to me complaining about a plateau they are stuck in, despite very intense and regular workouts. When I ask them to walk me through their training program, I often find out it’s a lot of repetitive routines with very little (if any) variance. They do the same five moves in their back/biceps workout on Tuesdays, the same five chest/triceps moves during their workout on Thursdays, and the same five leg exercises every Saturday, and so on.

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Another example is my father. Growing up, my dad would always run and never do anything else fitnesswise. And that became his routine. But guess what? Over four years, his body didn’t change at all.  

Why Variety Is Necessary We want to vary our workouts so we can tax other muscles in the body. We don’t want our bodies to adapt to a specific workout. Our bodies are smart. So with a predictable routine, our bodies simply stop adapting and remain status quo.

Variance is key so that you keep shocking your body and new muscles with unexpected combinations of movements. By changing things up, your body becomes more athletic and your brain becomes more in tune with your muscles. It makes you fitter because you don’t overuse one muscle or the other, and it keeps your brain working hard (which is a proven way to fight aging).

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