Why Shorter Workouts Actually Yield Better Results

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We live in a time of multitasking, micromanaging, screen jumping and spreading ourselves thin — leaving many of us overworked and overstressed. I don’t care how perfect your nutrition is or how many workouts you’re fitting in each week, if your stress levels are through the roof, you will not see results. 

Exercise imposes additional stress on our bodies. So what’s stopping us from creating fitness routines that are effective in achieving results without overexertion? If I said you could waste less time at the gym and see major improvements in body composition, as well as the number between your two big toes, would you be interested?

Well, you can.

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Shorter Workouts Keep Your Interest

High-intensity interval training has a tremendous impact on your aerobic capacity with a very small price tag in terms of time requirement. Also, workout routines are far more effective when your interest remains piqued. Staying focused and excited about completing a certain amount of rounds, reps, etc., will have you coming back for more over time. Constantly varied movement is discussed widely in the realm of CrossFit. One major factor behind the success of this ever-growing sport is the compelling aspect of community in order to pique and keep your interest.

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