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When you first picked up a barbell and began your fitness journey, the basics were enough — perform a few exercises per bodypart, do a few sets of 10 to 15 and feel the burn. Now that you’ve been at it a while, however, the gains that came so easily at first seem so much more difficult to achieve. Whether your go-to workouts have gotten stale or you’re looking for an extra edge, these techniques — some traditional, some unorthodox — can help propel you toward your goals.


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Negatives are probably one of the most taxing training methods both physically and psychologically, but they are undeniably effective at breaking through plateaus and increasing overall strength. Negatives focus on the eccentric phase of the lift — the lowering portion — where you lengthen the target muscle. According to the laws of biomechanics, you produce more force eccentrically than you do concentrically (shortening the muscle). In fact, research puts your eccentric strength about 20 percent higher than your concentric strength.

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