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Recently, I was shopping in Victoria’s Secret and, let’s be honest, we all look at those monster-size photos on the wall and think, Ugh, I wish I could look like that. But as quickly as I thought it, I heard a little voice pipe up from behind me: “Mommy, that’s the body I was telling you I want.” As I turned and looked, my heart sank. It was a little girl all of about 8 years old, pointing at a model on a poster in an island of lace thongs. What on earth is happening in our society where a child is worried about what kind of body she has?

The Scary Side of Social The self-harm and suicide rates of teenage girls has increased exponentially over the last decade. And while there are numerous factors that contribute to these unfortunate behaviors, social media may be one very obvious reason — studies show, that at the very least, it increases anxiety in young adults.

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Just think about how undeniably social media sends messages all day long that you’re not beautiful “unless” — unless you’re thin, unless you’re contoured, unless you have perfectly groomed eyebrows, unless you have no cellulite, unless you have big breasts. Ever since our culture has begun to immerse itself into scrolling, double tapping, swiping right and feeling either better or worse about ourselves based on the number of “likes” we get, our little girls are learning that whatever they currently look like isn’t enough. 

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