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If you steer clear of all cardio equipment at the gym for fear of death by boredom, read on. New-generation treadmills are perfect for all kinds of workouts, from strength to upper-body to core training. If you use the right treadmill and get creative, you can easily achieve a full-body workout. Here are just a handful of ways you can supercharge your treadmill routine.

Upper-Body and Core Workout

Are you looking to tone your arms and abs to pair with those chiseled legs? Your treadmill is an excellent tool. All it takes is a little imagination. Below is a sample workout from Max Fitness Club:

Start with a three-minute uphill run to warm up and get the body ready to burn fat. Then perform the following exercises in 60-second intervals:

Fat-Burning Workout

High-intensity interval training is a popular and effective way to burn fat, and a treadmill makes it easy.

You can set an integrated program on your treadmill to make HIIT even easier. Try a 10-minute workout during which you vary the intensity every 60 to 90 seconds with a 30-second lower-intensity interval in between bursts. Vary both the speed and the incline to make this circuit that much more powerful.

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