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Drop and give us four fresh ways to push the ground away.

The push-up is arguably the simplest exercise for developing the upper body and core, and because it uses a portion of your own bodyweight, it is quintessentially a functional training movement. The standard push-up can be overplayed, however, but infinite variations can be achieved simply by changing angles, increasing reps or adding power to keep it as fresh as it is functional. Here are four versions that level you up from beginner to super athletic.

Level 1: TRX Incline Push-Up

Because of the moveable straps, push-ups done on a TRX develop stability and control, teaching your rotator cuffs and core muscles to stabilize and align your trunk and shoulders. At an incline, the resistance and force demand are reduced, making it ideal for novice trainees. Put this move at the beginning of your session after a complete upper-body warm-up.

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Adjust the TRX straps to an appropriate height — the higher the setting, the less the resistance and the easier the move. Grip the handles with your palms facing inward, arms straight. Walk your feet backward until your body is at an angle to the floor; the closer you come to parallel, the more challenging it becomes. Bend your elbows, keeping them in close to your sides, and lower your torso between the TRX straps. When your chest comes nearly level with your hands, press forcefully down into the handles and extend your arms to return to the start.

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