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Those who abide by the antiquated idea that you should not snack between meals likely assume that those additional calories come from sugary, fat-laden or processed nutrition bombs, but there’s definitely a smart way to snack. In fact, a well-timed and well-chosen snack can curb appetite, build muscle, boost energy and deliver necessary nutrients, and it can be a key player in fortifying a healthy diet and building a bikini-ready body.

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Deciding what constitutes a wholesome snack can be frustrating, however, so to make life a little easier, we’ve designed this mix-and-match snack generator. Simply choose one item from each macronutrient category — Proteins (P), Carbs (C) and Fats (F), and maybe a Flavor Booster for good measure — and behold, the nutritious and delicious combos appear. You also can tailor-make a snack to fit your particular need. For instance, if your focus is on building muscle, choose two items from the protein column, one from the fat column and skip the carbs. Check out the Smart Snacking Suggestions chart for other combinations that deliver the perfect nutritious snack every time.

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