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According to patients at the Center for Restorative Medicine, a new discovery has completely transformed their lives.

Founder and director Dr. Steven Gundry is a world-renowned heart surgeon, best-selling author and personal physician to celebrities such as Tony Robbins. But his latest medical breakthrough could be the most important accomplishment of his career.

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At a recent conference, Gundry unveiled a simple yet highly effective solution to issues that plague millions of Americans 40 and older: low energy, low metabolism and fatigue.

“When you’re feeling low energy, that’s your body screaming HELP!” he said.

Gundry’s radical solution was inspired by a breakthrough with a “hopeless” patient who had been overweight, chronically fatigued and suffering from severely clogged arteries.

The secret to his breakthrough? “There are key ‘micronutrients’ missing from your diet,” Gundry said. “If you can replenish them in very high dosages, the results can be astonishing.”

This unorthodox philosophy is what led Gundry to create an at-home solution for fatigue — which has since become remarkably successful with his patients.

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“They’re reporting natural, long-lasting energy without a ‘crash,’ and they’re feeling slim, fit and active,” he revealed.

The science behind his formula was met with both fascination and enthusiasm by those in attendance. Immediately following the conference, Gundry’s team released a video presentation to educate the public about how it works.

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