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We all have the same 24 hours each day — and for most of us, it’s never enough. There’s a never-ending list of things that you must accomplish on any given day, and then another list of things that need to get done at some point. Some days, you may even add more to your list than you check off. It’s a battle we’re all familiar with: time.

And that’s why everything we do should be done on purpose, with purpose. What does that mean?

Think on purpose. Train on purpose. Eat on purpose. Play on purpose. Recover on purpose. Live on purpose. Talk on purpose. Encourage others on purpose. Sleep on purpose. Grow on purpose. Love on purpose.

Every moment in your life should be purposeful — whether it’s helping you become a better person or getting you an inch closer to the person you want to be. Instead of just going through the motions on tasks, do them purposefully. 

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How to Live Life on Purpose One of the biggest mistakes people make is they say they want something but don’t act accordingly. And maybe it’s because they don’t know how to act accordingly. (For instance, they want to lose weight but don’t know where to start.) If they had a plan in place, they would know how to attack their goal.

Instead of going about your day and letting your day dictate who you are and where you’re going, make sure you have a list of things you want to accomplish that day. Then do everything on purpose with purpose each day to make those things happen. What does that look like?

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