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It’s prep time, everyone! We have less than a week before Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto kick off America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, and we’re counting down the days. Who else is super excited?

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To say we are preparing may be a bit of an understatement. LOL. Anyone who knows us knows that we are HUGE planners, especially when it comes to preparing for something we plan to give 100 percent of our effort. We’re lucky enough to already have the concept of meal prepping instilled in us with the help of Alexa Uherek, Hannah and Paulo’s nutritionist. And we have, of course, been in the gym for quite some time now, so making that adjustment shouldn’t be TOO hard for us.

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However, to be completely honest, to say our diet has been 100 percent clean 100 percent of the time these past few weeks isn’t true. Do we eat clean most of the time? Absolutely! But I guess you could say that we’ve given ourselves a bit of a break on the weekends to enjoy some of the things we’ve restricted for a while. Pizza and wine, anyone?

Honestly, though, we are both super excited to get back on a scheduled meal plan of nothing but nutrient-dense, healthy food to make sure we can push through as hard as we can. Food for fuel, people! So in order to prep, we’ve already started cleaning up our diets with less splurging.

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