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If there’s one thing IFBB Bikini pro and certified personal trainer Angeles Burke has learned over the years, it’s that a positive outlook changes everything. “I spent a lot of my life feeling insecure and letting negative self-talk take over,” she says. “Rather than giving myself a pity party, I decided that surrounding myself with supportive, active and like-minded people was the best ‘therapy’ for me.”

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Burke knows firsthand that training is a beneficial and productive way to channel any personal issues or self-doubt. She traded in late-night partying when she decided to start competing and has never looked back. Over the years, her priorities shifted from winning competitions to staying healthy and fit for life.

“It is no longer about being a certain weight or a certain size but about how much stronger I am, how much energy I have and how fast I have become,” she explains. “These are all non-scale victories, and I was once a slave to the scale — so much so, that my weight could affect my mood for the day.”

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