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Your diet will go swimmingly using these easy-to-make recipes that feature sustainable, protein-packed fish.

Fish have a stacked nutritional resume (hello, mega-healthy omegas and muscle-building protein) that should place them at the top of your meal-prep roster. And even though research shows that women of childbearing age who regularly nosh on fish are at a lower risk of developing heart disease, very few women eat the recommended amount — of just 8 ounces per week!

Perhaps you’re concerned about contaminants and sustainability issues like overfishing or are worried that your paucity of fish-cooking skills means you’ll butcher that pricey halibut. Then there are the counter-side decisions you don’t know how to make: Should you buy wild or farmed? Frozen or fresh? Large fish or small?

Here’s the help you need to navigate these murky waters. Try these foolproof recipes using the healthiest, most sustainable fish and follow the fish-buying guidelines and you will never have to throw your meal overboard.

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With 15 grams of high-quality protein per 3-ounce serving, cod is awesome muscle fuel. Cast your line for this swimmer and you’ll reel in a range of must-have nutrients, including phosphorus, selenium and potassium, as well as B6, which plays an essential role in dozens of enzymatic reactions in the body.

ECo-Smart: The most ocean-friendly choice is Pacific wild cod from icy Alaskan waters where measures are taken to prevent overfishing and the use of destructive fishing methods. Take a hard pass on Atlantic cod, which suffer from depleted stocks and which are permitted to be caught with high amounts of bycatch — fish or other marine species that are caught unintentionally with the target fish — which is often allowed to die and be discarded.

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